CS: GO is similar to the previous Counter-Strike game. Players play as terrorists or counter-terrorists and must complete tasks while trying to eliminate the opposing team. Each mode has a unique goal: planting and defusing bombs, protecting hostages, fierce battles, etc. Your teammates and enemies are real teammates, so there will always be a different ending to each game. Counter-Strike is often intense, but that never makes it anything less than incredible fun.

It’s a first-person game. Although it has evolved over the years, the basic concept behind it remains the same. It tests the individual on so many levels. You need to be a solid team player, you should have good reflexes and an excellent sense of hearing to assess your opponent’s position.

The most popular game mode is “Competitive”. Each team has 5 players. At the beginning of each round, players can buy weapons and equipment with the money they have and complete a task. The main task of terrorists is to plant a bomb and guard it until the moment of explosion. Terrorists automatically win if the entire counter-terrorist team is eliminated. The main objective of the counter-terrorist is to dismantle the bomb planted by the terrorists. Counter-Terrorists automatically win if the entire terrorist team is eliminated or if the bomb is not planted within the allotted time (2 minutes). The first team to win 16 rounds wins.

Ultimately, with the means and resources at hand, you as a team must beat the other team, not only on the field but more so in your mind.